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Extreme PC Optimized for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Price: $4,134.48
Finance from $122.63/month!
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The CPU is the most important part of a Premiere Pro
workstation.  Adobe is working on adding in better
support for graphics cards, but as of right now,
your CPU will make the biggest impact on performance.
The best CPU for Premiere Pro is the Threadripper 3970x,
although the Ryzen 9 5950x is just as fast for live playback
functionality for half the price. If you absolutely need the
fastest exporting performance, Threadripper is your best
option. We chose the Ryzen 7 5950x due to it's incredible
price to performance. With 16 Cores, 32 Threads at 4.9ghz,
and the wide feature set of the X570 platform, this system
is future proof!

Premiere Pro benefits greatly from using a discrete
graphics card, but the best card for you, might not
be the most expensive card you can buy.
An RTX 3070 will generally perform the same as a
card like the RTX 3080, depending on the amount
of GPU accelerated effects you apply to your video.
We recommend a 4GB card for 1080p, a 6GB card for
4k, an 8GB card for 6k, and a 10GB+ card for 8k video.
Keeping this in mind, we chose to include a mid-tier video
card in this system, however you can change this to
any card you want by clicking customize and changing
the GPU selection in the configurator.

Adobe recommends a minimum of 32GB of RAM for 1080p
video, 64GB for 4k video, and 128GB for 6k/8k video.

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