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Extreme PC Optmized for IrisVR Prospect

Price: $5,235.32
Finance from $149.99/month!
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Code: XPC20275      

IRIS VR Prospect is is heavily dependent on CPU frequency. It will only use a small amount of cores at once, so while having extra cores for other other applications will future proof your machine, a good clock speed is paramount for good performance. Keeping this is mind, we have chosen the Ryzen 9 5900x as it's high clock speed and high core count covers all bases, and leaves you room to run other application alongside Iris VR.

Having a fast GPU is critical for virtual reality performance - it directly impacts the ability of the computer to run games at high a resolution and frame rate. With headset resolutions increasing every few months, like the HP Reverb G2 or Pimax Headsets, you need a lot of juice to power these high resolutions at 90hz. Sustaining a frame rate is paramount when it comes to VR as low frame rates cause dizziness and headaches. We chose the RTX 3080 as it will give you the best performance possible in VR with 10GB of VRAM, you'll be able to use even the highest resolution headsets like the Pimax 8k!

We chose to include 32GB of RAM in this system to give you extra headroom as most people developing in VR will be running other applications side by side.

- This system and it's components are all CSA approved.
- System Price Includes all University CFI Discounts
- Changes and additional components can be changed or added by clicking the green 'customize button'.

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