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Extreme PC Optmized for Pix4D

Price: $4,827.21
Finance from $143.18/month!
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Code: XPC20283      

Pix4D makes use of the processor in multiple different ways; because of this, both high clock speeds and high core counts are important in achieving maximum performance. The threadripper platform will provide you with the best possible performance in this application. The 3960x and 3970x smash the competition by a wide margin, however the Ryzen 9 5950x performs similarly for a lot less money. We recommend the 5950x along with ASUS DARK HERO mobo for that max bang for the buck, however if you want the best of the best, Threadripper takes the cake. Most of the processing in Pix4D is done on the processor, but having a CUDA compatible GPU will speed up processing in some areas. We recommend a mid-range RTX card as you won't gain much performance from spending more.

We chose to include 32GB of RAM in this system to give you extra headroom as most people developing in Pix4D will be running other applications side by side.

- This system and it's components are all CSA approved.
- System Price Includes all University CFI Discounts
- Changes and additional components can be changed or added by clicking the green 'customize button'.

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